Friday, May 29, 2009

Circle Lord FanClam Template

New template for the Liberty, and other mid-arm quilters. It can be used with long-arm machines as well.

Below is a picture of the new Baptist-Clam Combo
Template - the FANCLAM.

It has one row of 8 inch Baptist Fans, and 4 rows of
Clamshells with the Pumkinseed border.

The Double 7" Baptist fan template has 2 rows of fans.
The Clamshell template has 6 rows of Clams,
a Pumkinseed row, and a Cable option.

The 2 regular templates are 15 inches tall.
The FANCLAM is 16-7/8 inches tall.

Use the Clams, then turn it around for Baptist fans.

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